It’s New Years Eve!

Well, it’s actually New Years, so I figured I’d write up a quick ‘New Yearsy’ post…not that my last few haven’t been New Yearsy.  I mean…’Best of 09’…cliche…I sicken me.

Going into the new year I’m planning on doing what I’ve always done.  Since 1997 my New Years Resolution has pretty much been the same: lose weight, get fit, make *insert creative form currently interested in here*.  I remember in 1997 thinking ‘Next year, I’m going to spend summer with my shirt off!’  That comment passes year after year after year until…geez!  That’s 13 years!

I’ve actually succeeded each year too!  I’ve gotten fit EVERY year (…except for 09…), and usually by summer I’m feeling confident enough in myself to be shirtless.  In 07, I even got me a nifty back tattoo to show off!

And then…summer passes…I distract myself with this or that or the other thing…and by December the cycle begins anew.  The motivation for a shirtless summer becomes…motivation for a shirtless summer again.

Spring of 08 was my best year!  I actually caught myself eyeing my reflection in a mirror.  It was a strange situation: hot day, playing Super Swing Golf on Wii (the only video game I play), and there happened to be a full length mirror in our living room…actually…revisiting that moment is kind of creepy…

So, why do I do it??  13 years with the same goal and 13 years with the same result.

I think it has to do with routine…or lack thereof.  I HATE falling into a routine.  I’m most miserable when each day is like the next.  Again, aside from 2009, I’ve always tried to reject routine but I suppose my human nature has imposed a 12 month cycle to replace the one I should be having daily, weekly, and monthly.  That’s not a bad thing.

…but 2009.  The year of the routine.   I began to stay at home all the time, I ate a lot, I didn’t work out much, I wasn’t being very healthy.  Sure, school shook my life up a bit, but my ‘social’ life, the one for which the whole point of getting fit for summer was built on, kinda died off.

Which is why I consider 2010 to be the year the resolution sticks.  12 years of the same, 1 year of different…my motivation is different now.  Don’t Have Another 2009!

I guess I’m saying…there’s always a goal, and there’s always an obstacle, and there’s always the battle for motivation.  Tomorrow, due to some strange calendar-based tradition, EVERYONE gets a chance to say “I’m gonna start new.”  Try to find something and work for it.  Don’t look back in 2023 and think…’Geez!  That’s 13 years!’


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