Projects of Days Gone By

I was musing today about all the projects I have planned, have started, or that were actually in progress before coming to a dead end.  Ever made a list of everything you were excited about doing but that never seemed to happen?  I feel like I’m not doing much these days except school and maybe starting one of these back up might be a good idea.  Motivation!  So tough.  Let’s take a look-see:


My webcomic from 2002 to 2005.  It was actually pretty popular.  Story revolved around a guy with amnesia who has an uncontrollable urge to kill stupid people.  His name is Idd, title is ‘Ignorance Deserves Death.’  A lascivious bird named Lambert follows him around.  ‘Something’ is happening around the world that we don’t know…well, I know, which is part of the reason I’d like to pick the story back up…’cause I think the twist is kinda awesome.  But that requires learning how to draw stick figures again.

Sad news: the comic is now down as my old website expired.  I’ll have to try and find the comic again or all 300 episodes might be lost.


In University several play ideas were tossed around, productions with the most amazing actors in the school, like Dave Tripp, Tim McKeon, and Stew Phillips.  Two – “Glengarry Glen Ross” and “Three in the Back, Two in the Head” – were bounced around for awhile but never happened before graduation.  Two more – Daniel MacIvor’s ‘House’ and Morris Panych’s ‘Vigil’ – were also ones I wanted to do solo…never happened.  I’m most sad about Glengarry…it would have been fricken magical.


An album I intended to release in the fall of 2006.  I had everything laid out, started recording in the God Room…and just kinda fizzled off.  Hell, one of my favourite artists of all time, Chris Goodwin, actually designed the album cover and insert.  It just never got recorded.  In fact, after the ACEP in 2005 the next recording that’s mattered…well, is happening right now 😉  Five years without recording…crazy!


While doing I.D.D. I was approached to do another comic called ?Salvation?.  It was more realistic, less stick figurey.  I think that’s what essentially scared me off.  I didn’t like the preliminary sketches I was doing even though the writer thought they were great.  In the end, I stopped working on the project.


I got published!  Several episodes of Jake and Xenoroo were published in a children’s magazine, ‘What If?’, back in the early 2000’s.  This got killed by the move to Toronto since the comic was based out of Guelph, it became hard to communicate.  About a shy boy and a space kangaroo…sort of a coming of age thing.  Was pretty fun, I thought!


Young Adult novels…damn, I was ALL over that shit in early 2000.  I was keen on writing one myself to fill the void of modern YA novels on gay themes.  I had an amazing story blocked out in my head, ‘Standing Houses,’ that I could picture as a fricken movie right now.  I got about 15,000 words into it and just stopped writing.

And there were SOO many other projects I never finished: a coffee shop idea in Guelph, making ‘Nightwalks’ (a play I wrote) into a movie…and not just creative projects!  Since 2003 I’ve been planning on joining a tennis or badminton club, seeing more live shows in downtown Toronto, visiting friends around the globe.

What does this all mean?  It’s kinda two-fold…one, if you’re working on a project and putting your heart into it don’t worry if it loses steam or falls apart, there’s likely a dozen more to follow…and two, you can always come back to something later…

Just don’t forget you started it!


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