The Screwed Up Roller Coaster

Consistency…I remember that!!!

When I worked at a coffee shop (…I love the term ‘coffee jockey’) I had consistency.  Even if shifts shifted (wheee!) it was always the same: take order, get coffee, take money, give change.  On lucky days I’d be on the espresso machine…you know: take order, make order, ring the bell.  Somedays I’d be runner: clean tables, hear the bell, come get the coffee, bring it to the table.

…almost five years!  It was great for socializing, for goofing around with friends, the PERFECT University job because I didn’t have to think about anything complicated and could actually discuss stuff with co-workers (being at a coffee shop next to a University meant everyone was a student…and most were in the theatre program to boot!)

I had several jobs before and after…tour guide (drive bus, boat or train in big circle, say speech, answer questions, repeat); library page (get books from rack, put on shelf, check that books are in order); diner bitch (like coffee jockey only with food and tips).

Now I’m back in school, and it is a school that does its best to mimic the real life of the industry we’re being trained in.  If there’s one thing that has been brought up consistently…it’s inconsistency.  That is, there is the boring routine on occasion, but overall the industry (as is the school) kind of follows a screwed up roller coaster motif: up, down, swirly bit, you’re upside down, slow part before the climb, fast decline, coast, corkscrew, etc.

It does some funky things to your brain, but if there’s ONE thing I say inconsistency does is it makes you sharp.  As a coffee jockey (especially after I graduated) my brain just started dulling.  At the diner I made some great friends and had some great times but I could FEEL myself getting dumber and simplifying things so they wouldn’t be too hard.

Now…I find myself piling stuff on…I feel like I did just before my move to Toronto when I was juggling a dozen projects at once. And my brain is working again!

Feeling dull? Make your life inconsistent.   Get on a screwed up roller coaster and see where it takes you.


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