Just a quick one today…school finishes as of approximately 8:30 pm this evening.  Instead of being clever, I thought I’d write down a few cliches:

It’s the end of my journey, but truly, isn’t every end just a new beginning?

I am done being the student…though even in work I will always be a student…of life.

Classes may be over, but I will never stop learning.

Everything I ever needed to know I learned in kindergarden…this was all just icing on the cake.

One day I hope to return as a teacher so that I may once again be a student.

(…gah, these are killing me!)

And a few parting words from some of my instructors (…please forgive me):

And that’s just part of the proverbial process of how we do things…

The most important thing to take away…(trail off…indecipherable)…AND THAT’S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW!

You don’t know who I am?  You’re all FOOLS!

Mary Shelley…Cavemen…Machiavelli…that’s ALL you need to know about live sound.


It’s been a wild ride, Harris!  You’ll be hearing from me!


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