Mark Linkous

In my last blog I placed Sparklehorse atop a list of sad and pretty songs.  I also noted that I had trouble avoiding the urge to populate the entire list with Sparklehorse music.  In fact, if it weren’t for Aimee Mann, I would probably have a hard time making a list of my favourite songs without Sparklehorse dominating the top ten.

One response I got in return, obviously with a note of sarcasm, was someone sincerely doubting my dedication to Sparklehorse.

I cite my entire reason for continuing with music after my high school band broke up, at a time when I was taking theatre in University with the goal of being a big name actor or director, as entirely due to Mark Linkous, who *is* Sparklehorse.  My entire reason for being a songwriter was inspired by his music, sparked by listening to his albums, striving to write just *one* song that might have the slightest reflection of his style and his skill.

Since 1997 I have bought every Sparklehorse album as it came out.  I even bought the amazing ‘Dark Night Of The Soul’ book with photography by David Lynch and a blank CD in back, a slap to the face of EMI by Mark and his compatriot Danger Mouse for blocking the album’s release (which, ironically, has recently been overturned and the album should hit stores this year).

‘Vivadixie…’ was the soundtrack of my freedom and independence.

‘Good Morning, Spider’ was the soundtrack of my first summer living on my own and first real job.

‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ was the soundtrack of my life outside of school.

‘Dreamt for Light Years…’ brought me back into the desire to experiment with art.

I finished school Thursday, March 4th…I most certainly had the thought that one day I ‘might’ get the chance to work with Mark Linkous.

Mark Linkous died March 6th.

I’m not frustrated.  I’m happy I had the chance to hear his music in the first place.  And it will always be there to push me forward with my own music and my own life. If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend that you try to check out at least one or two songs by Sparklehorse.  I’d give specific suggestions but I can’t…I like every song he’s ever written.

Take care, Mark.  There’s a heaven and there’s a star for you.


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