I try to see things in greys…well, I prefer to see things in shades of pink, but for the purposes of an unbiased commentary, greys it is.  When weighing options for a decision it’s VERY easy to think of things in blacks and whites ’cause that’s pretty much how everything is presented to us: you’re liberal or you’re conservative, climate change is happening or it’s not happening at all, this song I’m writing is good or it’s craptastic.

…I like uncertainty.  Uncertainty is kinda grey, like gargoyle stone or eastern grey kangaroo fur (…OK, I’ll stop!).  It’s where most of us live but it feels like it’s supposed to be bad so we try to swim out of the grey in one or the other direction.  If you think about it, one direction is probably about 10% of the whole story, and the other extreme is probably 10% as well.  We all swim around in 80% of grey, leaning one way or the other.

I want to try to make people more comfortable with the concept of uncertainty.

For instance, without being all politicky, when you read up in the news it’s normally one of two things: climate change is happening and it’s scary, or climate change isn’t happening at all so relax.  But what if it’s somewhere in the middle?? I mean, one side screws up now and again, the other side picks apart at the mistake to say that their side is right, but BOTH sides are claiming that their studies are right.  Doesn’t that kinda mean they’re both right…but they’re both screwing up somewhere…and the answer is somewhere in the middle?

I mean, if we could all throw away our egos, maybe we could work together and figure out where the mistake is, and move from there!  But nope…we gotta cloud ourselves in blacks and whites.  We gotta choose one side since it would be IMPOSSIBLE for something to be a dash of this and a splash of that, a blend.


Again, not getting politicky but just being like…chatty…I keep hearing people say “My side is right!” when it comes to being left wing, or right wing.  Or, even better, ‘My side is right, and your side is PURE EVIL!’ Because, you know, the villain KNOW’S that they’re evil and their whole purpose in life is to cause mayhem and misery.

Read up on villains.  They usually think they’re doing something helpful or right.  To the hero it’s not what they consider good…hell, to the villain, it’s the HERO is causing all the problems.

Again, each side thinks that they’re right…so, really, doesn’t the truth rest somewhere in the uncertainty of it all?  The grey area?  Maybe if they stopped spinning stories to make themselves look great they could work together and find out where the problem is, that thing that’s jarring both sides from getting anywhere, and focus on THAT rather than…damn, here we are again…one extreme, the other extreme, and their egos.

MUSIC!  That’s what I was getting to.  There’s even a subjective, creative side to this.  When I write a song I always choose one side, though I’m sure for most songwriters it’s one or the other: damn this song sucks (…most other people choose the other option, that the song rocks…I’m special)

But the song came out of my head!  And other people tend to say my songs are, at the very least, neat.  So I have a choice…stick with my extreme side, and my…anti-ego?…and scrap the song.  I mean, it sucks, why go on?

Or…I can embrace uncertainty.  ‘What is it about the song that sucks?’  Some of the songs I’ve grown to love were born out of this:  I decided to wade into the grey area, find something that seemed off, and work with it, make it better.

A song born out of compromise and acceptance.

I dunno…maybe I’m misunderstanding how to see the world, maybe that’s what makes my approach to the world so seemingly different from most people I know. I kinda find comfort in uncertainty.  It means there’s room for improvement, and there’s an opportunity to make something better.

If something is one extreme or the other…it’s kinda already reached it’s destination…it’s not going anywhere.


One Response to “Uncertainty”

  1. pup Says:

    I’ve found it both an amazing strength and a curse to be able to see both (or more) sides of an issue, and I figure that causes a lot of the grating I sometimes experience when I’m trying to interact and navigate day to dayt life. Our culture seems geared to having us picking one side/extreme and sticking with it, discouraging and punishing anyone who embraces multiple perspectives on the same issue, or even dares suggest there might be.

    For a long while I’ve believed somewhere between right and wrong will be the truth. And I love how assigning the classic colours assigned to right and wrong (white and black) will result in your colour of truth, a shade of grey. The truth will mix in a little of what we consider right and what we consider wrong, the ultimate shade being determined by whoever is doing the mixing.

    I may have drifted off-topic, but truth starts to take on quantum characteristics. We trade certainty over some aspects of it in exchange for uncertainty in others, but we can never say for certain that everything is certain. The second we do, we open the box, the wave form collapses, and the blinders get put on.

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