More Coming Soon!

Just a quick blog…blog?  Update?  Snippet? …anyways, just a quick note that I haven’t forgotten about this place.  What with the starting a new internship, biking a lot, working on a summer camp for freaks, and thinking about my own musical endeavours, I haven’t (strangely) had much to talk about.

…I take that back.  I obviously have a lhitsoad of stuff to ramble about, I just haven’t had the time to scrape the barnacles, trim the brambles, weave the whicker…this all sounds so dirty…STOP INTERRUPTING YOURSELF!

All I’m saying is…expect discussions on working for the big guy, new discoveries, getting the word out, herding cats (and badgers, and other fuzzy things), and all the other joys that happen under the pink to start a’ flowin soon!


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