A Nightmarey Thinitiative

Nightmare = having cool ideas that never seem to develop beyond that brain-flash, the concept that can be summed up in an image or word or intangible split-second thought but can’t be translated.  That’s what Nightmare = to me.  Nightmare also = the fact that I’m increasingly using symbols and invented words to explain myself.  It’s Nightmarey, I tell you.

I always worried I would become an idea man.  How do you put that on a resume?  “I have neat ideas!”  No, wait…it’s gotta be resume speak: “I spearhead thought initiatives.”  But that’s the problem.  Spearheading.  I’d say I’m…halfy spearheady.  The other half I’m just…thought initiativy.  Thinitiativy.

If ideas were projects, I’d need an office with a team, departments, and STILL have to outsource work.  Everything I want to do I can’t do ’cause you can’t do that much at once.  I previously mentioned how I juggled plays, full-time work, a comic strip, and Camp Feral one summer…that wonderful summer of 2003…but somehow it was easy!  I didn’t make money, I didn’t lose money, and I had all the time in the world.

So…how did it happen?  I certainly didn’t have time management skills.  Are you like me?  Do you muscle through projects?  I swear there’s an easier way if I could just stop for a second and organize it, but my head organizes along the way as I plough through the steps it takes for the idea to become a project and the project to become…whatever it’s meant to become.

Back to the subject!  Ideas.  Ideas are just thought initiatives until they are put on paper, planned out, and that first step is taken.  It’s the first step that stops the nightmare.  And it’s always a small step, I find.  It’s stressful to have something on the drawing board (or, in my case, a few dozen things on the drawing board) but doing something about it makes it more of a dream.  It becomes relaxing.

…what does all this mean?  Do you have ideas??  What’s the first thing you need to do for the idea to become real?  Do it…right now.  You’ll thank me later.  Now…I’m off to do something with my accordion and didjeridoo.

…I never said my ideas were good!


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