Planning Ahead

I recently reminded myself the joys of planning ahead.  Being caught up in the excitement for this year’s event I forgot that NEXT year’s event needs…well…forethought!

– If I want to let people know about next year THIS year then I need to have NEXT year at least started.  Kinda hard to get people excited about coming back when they won’t have an idea what they are coming back to!

– The day this year’s event is done, we have to start working on next year.  So…do you want to start from scratch or already have hit the ground running, tweaking new ideas along the way?

– Promoting our event at similar ones is the best way to spread the word…and they seem to happen at least once a week nowadays.  If your event ends in early September, are you ready to promote next year’s in mid-September?

This is kind of a Seth Godin-like post, but I thought it important to get down.  If you’re planning things out, planning ahead is the only way to survive.


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