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July 28, 2010

I just thought to myself “I should eat!” and then sat down to write my other blog, Tword Association.  I then opened up a new blog entry for Tword Association, and thought about how I should tell my friend that I just figured out an awesome mix for an event I’m DJing two weeks from now.  I then thought I should probably skip telling that person about the mix, since I’m two days behind on my Tword blog, and went back to open that. I then realized I have dishes to put away, and walked into the kitchen, but instead grabbed a box of crackers and ate two.  Two crackers.  Walking back to the computer (which, by the way, is in the living room because I brought it down here two weeks ago and have since cluttered my computer desk so much I can’t put it back) I noticed my guitar, which I’d brought downstairs an hour ago to practise a song…and picked it up to practise again.  After I was done I sat down, chatted with two people on AIM for a minute, checked my email, and came back to finally do my Tword Association blog.

I then opened “Under the Pink” and started writing this down.

What I’m saying is…when you have too much to do at once…and it’s clear your brain is starting to get cluttered and mashing things together and losing track of time…it may not be best to opt for the thing you don’t ‘need’ to do…but it might also temporarily stop yourself from going insane.

Just sayin’.

Miss you guys.  I’ll be back soon.