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Hey Roo! I have an idea…

September 24, 2010

…complicate your life even more!  But…in the name of making your life EASIER!

So, for creative reasons…I have decided that part of my problem is lack of focus, and what’s a good way to focus?  Why…simple!  Write TWO BLOGS NOT ONE!

I would like to get back into the writing mode so I’ve drawn up a dastardly plan: Under the Pink…this mo-fo of a blog…will be my music blog.

ALL THINGS MUSIC!  New discoveries, songwriting, industry commentary, brain theories and top ten lists.  It’ll all show up here!

All that convention, event planning, and ‘furry’ stuff…that’s moving to a new blog I created called Imaginary Campfire.  That blog is Camp Feral’s official ‘Panic Room’ blog (ie. if the site goes down, or is under construction, I post information there and direct people via email, Twitter and Facebook) but I think it’s a handy place to write all the OTHER stuff I want to blog about.

So…simple!  Like music?!?  Stay here!  Like my rambles about the furry culture, event planning, and occasional information about Camp Feral, go to the Campfire!

Phew…that feels better!