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Making Music is Hard!

December 16, 2010

It’s been since 2006 since I truly wrote a new song. All I can think about is ‘I want to write some new music.’ My friends keep saying “When are you doing new music??”

I totally trap myself in that loop: want to do, can’t do, want to do, can’t do. I have some good friends who are helping me break the cycle but it doesn’t work that easily.

Making music is hard. 2004-2006 I was writing a bunch of new sings. 1993-1995, with the help of a co-songwriter, I would venture to use the word prolific…not necessarily ‘good’ but prolific.

I don’t like that cycle. It seems to insinuate it’ll be 2017 before I start writing again!

I have to purge, and I know it. I need to sit down and write the bad stuff to get to the good stuff. It’s like going to the gym…the first month sucks, then it’s gravy…until you stop going, and then you have to re-do the first month again. Each time I lapse…I have to go through the hell of that ‘first month.’

In this case, I lapsed 3 years, so I have 3 years of impacted…well…you know.

Expect some horrible horrible music to be posted soon…if not…see you in 2017.