Post A Day??

WordPress has issued a challenge: post a blog every day!

…I always used to think I had enough to say that I could blog every HOUR…that seemed to go away the second I sat down to actually do it.

So I guess the question is: is this a good challenge, or is this the kind of thing that can only lead to pain and misery?  If I tried to blog EVERY DAY, would I actually be somehow contributing to the world or would it be more like…I’m writing…Gigli…or Jersey Shore…every day.

Sapping the happiness of the world through text on a page, taking up space that may one day exist no more.

…I’m cool with that.

Now, let’s just see if I can REMEMBER to post every day!

Prediction: I will look back on this post in a month and laugh because I haven’t posted a thing in that time.  Let’s prove me wrong, future me!


One Response to “Post A Day??”

  1. Pepa Says:

    No pensaba ver un articulo asi en esta pagina sin embargo hoyy estoy
    gratamente asombrado en estga ocasion

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