Year in Review – Podcasts…the one that ruled it all!

…Hometown Tales.  (click for the iTunes link)

Hometown Tales Logo

That is pretty much all.  Sure, there was This American Life, there was Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, and my collection of furry podcasts (Unfurled, FurCast, etc.) but my year was entirely under the control of Gene and Bryan.

Gene and Bryan

I rarely went a day without listening.  It was constantly on my mind.  It was an addiction, an addition I only rid myself of on December 30th when I FINALLY listened to Episode 1 from all the way back in 2005…oh yah, I was listening to the episodes backwards.

The chemistry between the two hosts is perfect, funny and captivating…even though the image I had in my head was totally backwards: My Gene was built like a rugby player, My Bryan was tall and skinny.  Then I watched the videos.  At least I had it right, just reversed.

Gene has a voice for radio, he would be the straight-guy in a comedy routine except he’s just as quick on his toes as Bryan…well, maybe not as quick…Bryan is damn good at tossing out the puns, the quips, and has me forever singing ‘Do Doooo Do-Do-Do’ when I hear the word phenomenon (do dooo do-do-do)…which happens more often than you’d think.

I reference Chupacabra, La Llorona, Kuchisake-onna and, strangely, Pork Roll, throughout my day, peppering regular conversation with references to strange creatures and odd towns.  I have an overwheming desire to visit New Jersey.  I now consider myself to be descended from the Jersey Devil (honestly, compare JD to a kangaroo with gargoyle wings…they’re PRETTY damned close!)'s actually kind of eeeerie!

My outlook on life is totally different now.  I’ve always loved the strange stories that make a place, a person, or an event unique.  Now I obsess over them.

I can see events not only as how they are, but how they might one day be.

And because of my reverse-listening system…I can now see how a story builds in reverse – from the occasional mention to the vigorous referencing to the excited commentary…to the calm of the original telling, taking place before you realize that you’ll be talking about something again…and again…and again for months.

Yes, I enjoyed the other podcasts I listened to in 2010…but none of them became my primary source of entertainment.  I listened to HT more than I listened to music, or watched movies, or read books.  Podcasts, in 2010, replaced everything, and HT lead the way.

And now I have to wait a week…maybe even longer (both hosts have families, kids, jobs, lives…they aren’t just podcasters…WHY can’t they just be podcasters???) between episodes.  If I could win the lottery, maybe they could start doing the TV show again!  Maybe they could do two podcasts a week!  Maybe they could go on the road and host their own series!

Oh well…until I win the lottery, I guess there’s only one thing I can do…

…listen to them…again…this time from the beginning.


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