Suckling Rats – The Glimpse Part 1

…aka ‘The Music That Made Roo ‘Roo”

I am about to take you on a journey…this journey is crazy as shit…are you ready for it?  Honestly?  Are you ready?

This is Part 1 of a series presenting songs that were HUGE influences on my life, from my then non-existent ‘tween’ years through high school and into college.  You will not know many of these musicians.  But I did…I listened to them constantly.

Something to note: back when I became interested in music I was not introduced through the radio, or by peer pressure from my circle of friends.  I had a very strong influence – Mother Jason Fraser – who would make me MixTapes from his extensive vinyl collection.

I would take those tapes, put them in my off-brand Walkman and listen to them…from beginning to end…flipping the tape, Side A Side B Side A Side B.  I had at best 45 to 60 minutes of music…for weeks, for months. I would bounce between MixTapes, as well as the occasional ‘album’ that I had…however it was these MixTapes that defined my music for years and years and years.

These songs I’m going to present are selections from those MixTapes.  And maybe, if I get the urge up…I’ll toss in some of the songs Mother Jason and I did together, or by local Erin band Wendal, or Sandy, or one of the other musicians from my high school years.

And maybe one day I’ll explain why I call this series ‘Suckling Rats.’

Some warnings:

  1. I want to find significance in these songs, but remember…these songs SHAPED me…at the time that I listened to them they were simply the songs I obsessed over…I did not obsess over their meaning or what they might do to my musical or mental future: I may not succeed in explaining their importance
  2. In some cases the songs may be unlistenable to you…but I suggest you give them all a shot.  This may be the ONLY time you ever hear these songs…you can play *insert favourite game here* anytime.

I should note that this sudden rush of…musical nostalgia, is entirely due to the discovery of Egg City Radio, a blog that collects these kinda of songs and albums, this kind of music.  Eclectic and totally what music geek needs.  Big props! Check it out if you like unique music.

Let’s begin…

“Blurt – Kenny Rodgers Greatest Hit”

Yes this is how to draw a cow

Oh-look-at that…CANARY!

Violin Suction!

The drums, the strange musicality of a song with what sounds to be NO music…the words are non-sensical…the singing is more like talking with occasional notes interrupting…I used to listen to this song DAILY…multiple times…it’s a song I will never forget. And this copy I linked to here is the crispest I’ve ever heard…I grew up on cracking and popping vinyl!

“John Cooper Clarke – Midnight Shift”

The perfume of the essence rare that lingers in the lift, there’s a prince among the peasants where she’s working on the midnight shift…you’re gonna find her stalking a lift to the wonderland of vice….you’re gonna find her on the midnight shift with feet like blocks of ice.

It’s like…rap…I’m not a poetry fan, but I love John Cooper Clarke. I used to listen to the album this song was on over…and over…and over again.

“Peter Hammill – The Flight”

The colour coded charts are spread but we’re still gliding deep into the red the radio is dead every valve blown open…the radar screen flicks monochrome, air traffic controller wants to get on home he’s waiting for a phone call to release him from responsibility. Nobody goes to see him anymore except for the man from the ministry. He wanted to be, he wanted to be the man at the helm, in command of the flight pass! He’s flying a chair quite beyond control.  He’s going to have just one more chance…at a barrel roll.

The Black Box, the album this song is on…probably influenced me more than any other when I started high school.  This song influenced me the most, which is odd because epic prog rock normally annoys me.  But that line quoted above…I still randomly have it float through my brain, independent of music…it’s stuck with me for some reason.

Peter Hammill was such a big influence that I once shaved half my face in honour of him…this was in 2000…I first started listening to his albums around 1987…


This is why I shaved half my face

The song is 20 minutes long…but I think it’s worth it.

I’ll end it here before I delve too deep.  Comments are appreciated, here or on my Twitter account @Potoroo. I’ll probably wait a week or so before I do this again!  Hope you enjoyed!!



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