What surrounds me…right now

From directly in front and around in a circle:

  • My Mac
  • A Webkins Mousepad
  • A bobblehead moose named Dag
  • My printer, perpetually telling me that it has a carriage jam
  • On the wall, my Fender Prodigy Bass
  • My black Tak acoustic guitar
  • My Dean six-string Guit-jo/Banj-itar
  • My signed Paul Stanley Kiss Edition Lyon/Washburn Electric guitar
    • …rock and or roll
  • In the closet:
    • A box of junk…literally…a bunch of things that are likely useless but I just can’t seem to free myself from! I have several of these boxes
    • A pink ‘soviet’ style hat made for me by a friend
    • A drawer full of paper, office supplies, and other miscellany
    • My guitar cases
    • My pedals…which I never use
    • All of my webcomic, I.D.D., in a small case
    • Keyboard stands
    • Someone elses ties (I don’t own any)
  • A box full of paper, about 5000 pages
  • Cables all over the floor: RCA, XLR, 1/8th, 1/4, etc.
  • A whiteboard waiting to go on the wall
  • My Yamaha Portable Grand keyboard
  • My SM-58 Microphone
  • My accordion…in its case
  • My AW16G – a multitrack digital recorder
  • A rainstick
  • A ‘Midiman’ M-Audio Midi keyboard…leaning against the wall
  • My mic stand with two small condenser mics
  • My didgeridoo
  • A DJ mixer on a burgundy night stand
  • A candy-cane pen
  • A dog toy: Squeezable Squeaky Kangaroo named Booda
  • My Podcasting Microphone

And now the 360 is done.  You know what’s around me.

Lots of music equipment, recording equipment, and a LOT of space

…so why am I not recording new songs again?


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