Musical genres and phases are odd ducks…’triple d’s’ as I would’ve called them in the early 2000’s (…notice the triple d in ‘oddduck’…you can use it yourself…it’s fun!) at which time I was in a post-university emo phase thanks to my friend and co-worker, Chris Lambert.  He introduced me to Get Up Kids, All-American Rejects, Finch, Rufio, and a load of other bands. He also introduced me to his band…Freeway…

…well, Freeway was the name of the band until they were told to change it, and upon saying goodbye to their old name, they became Farewell to Freeway…

Lambert is in the middle...I once named a perverted stick-figure crow in a webcomic after him...

…anecdote complete…

Regardless, I listened to Sunny Day Real Estate back in those days as well…MSI…lots of gothy music thanks to the local gay-friendly bar, the Underground, and it’s goth influence…

The Underground...I never saw red before a cold January evening there...long story...

I’d say that phase in my life was a ‘happy emo’ time…I wasn’t depressed…but I LOVED that music.

In high school and public school I listened to the weirdest variety of genres: I went to see Tiffany and New Kids On The Block TWICE in concert…I was also a big fan of The The, The Jazz Butcher, Nash the Slash, and Public Enemy.

I bought Vanilla Ice’s album when it came out…I asked for Milli Vanilli for my birthday…

I also bought every Bjork album, Tori Amos, and PJ Harvey.

My favourite music was Dixieland Jazz, and pretty much still is.

My favourite song, ‘Way Down Yonder in New Orleans’

My current playlist involves 70s indie-psych artist Vyto B, Edward Maya and Stereo Love, and aussie folk artist Josh Pyke.

So, where do I fit in?  When people ask what kind of music I like I say “Everything.” and it’s true.  I can’t use the ‘Everything but country and rap’ that is most often repeated back to me…because I like country…and rap.

In the end, I think everyone has a different approach to who they are as defined by music.  I know some who are classic rock, and nothing else, all the way…from 1984 on a good album does not exist.

I know some people who only listen to hip hop.  Some, only country.  One…only death metal and country…which I do not understand.

Some change depending on the month, the week or the day.  Some change depending on what shuffle threw at them on their iPod that  morning.

Think back ten years…five years…last month…today.  How have your musical tastes changed??


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