Good Luck!

Originally I was gonna title this entry ‘Bad Luck’ but I realized that was kind of contradictory to my thoughts.  See, I’m wondering how much ‘bad luck’ is a symptom of just…bad thinking. And, therefore, if good luck is a result of good thinking!

I generally find that bad days come from bad mornings, and bad mornings are usually completely unrelated to my mood when I wake up, but instead to interactions with other people during the first hour or two of the day. I can wake up feeling great…but have a bad day and consider the morning the reason.

Does that mean that I might have more good luck if I just…try to avoid having a bad morning, or at the very least avoid ‘making’ a bad morning out of a good one? What about wanting to give ‘other’ people good mornings and good luck?

I wonder if it’s transferrable…hmmm…


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