The ‘Bio’ is an important part of any musician’s press kit. It sums up the life, success, style, and passion of the artist in a snippet that you should be able to read and absorb in 90 seconds.  60 seconds if possible.

It’s the equivalent of the ‘elevator pitch:’ if you can pitch an idea to the ‘exec’ on an elevator between floors, probably the only time you’ll pin one down and have their undivided attention, then your idea is pitchable. If you can’t…it’s too bogged down with detail, or fat, or uselessness…or perhaps it’s just shite to begin with.

A bio shouldn’t be shite, or too bogged down with detail, or useless. Those are the LAST things you want the representative write-up to be! You want just enough art to make it interesting, just enough fact to make you desirable, a story because that’s what they’re looking for, and just enough style and charm to make you…stylish and charming.

In other words…don’t rush it…don’t write a poem or a novel…and for the love of all that is holy, if you can’t spell or have syntaxosis…DON’T WRITE IT YOURSELF!

This bio will not just be on your Facebook, your (probably unnoticed but still somewhat useful) MySpace, or official website…it will be sent with copies of your music to labels, or radio stations, or managers, or anyone else that you want to notice you.

Today…I read a bad bio for an artist that I like. It’s like hearing a bad song or reading a bad chapter. It’s like they don’t care. Which makes me not care. And I’m not in any position of power, but…you want me to care.

Because I may just be an intern but there is the off chance that an intern will end up in charge of spreading the word about your upcoming album. And that’s hard to do when you don’t care.

Despite my last blog title and subject, don’t half-ass! You never know when it might bite you on your…

…oh, hah! Ass! Tee hee. What was I doing?


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