Me…the Roogoyle

You may have noticed the header to the blog has changed…I made it a bit less ‘furry me’ and a bit more ‘musician me.’  Don’t read that as a rejection of furriness – I am not George Stromboulopolous, I did not take out my nose ring…you can see it’s still there.  I just wanted to try something different…maybe embrace my hideous visage and stop hiding behind that cute representation of myself. Despite all logical reason and signs that should point otherwise, I am still a very VERY proud furry.

Why is that italicized?  It actually suits this write up perfectly.

Yes, I’m a furry. You probably know that…as you are probably furry yourself.  If you aren’t, the quick and personal definition is: I think I’m a kangaroo with gargoyle wings and most of my friends support me in this clever ruse…


The impersonal definition that I give people who aren’t furries (or ‘mundanes’ as they are called in an attempt to make my kind feel more interesting…which…we are…) is: Think Trekkies, only instead of being a fan of Sci Fi or Star Trek I love cartoon animals.  My approach to this (which is not necessarily common though is shared by others) is often called ‘lifestyling,’ or in other words I pretty much act like I am this strange hybrid ‘roogoyle’ creature.

OOOH! The URL of the blog MAKES SENSE!

People call me Roo, have for a long time.  It’s actually short from Potoroo…funny, I have a nickname for my nickname.  I have a tattoo of gargoyle wings on my back.  Yes, I own a costume kangaroo tail.  I have art drawn of me (don’t seek it, it’s best that way) and attend conventions…hell, if you’ve been reading closely, I RUN A CONVENTION.

Boiled down, I’m heavily immersed in this ‘fandom.’ I live with furries, and have since 1998.  My parents know. My non-furry friends know. And it may shock you to hear that every workplace I’ve EVER worked in, all the way back to my high school job as library page, has known.

I’ve never hidden the fact. I never flaunted, but…I mean, it’s a huge part of my life and after awhile at work ‘your life’ becomes a subject of discussion…and when that happens I mention it like one would mention that they are on a softball team or in a band.

I’ve never once been ostracized, persecuted, or mistreated.  Usually…people find it really fascinating.

I’ve actually had homophobic 30 somethings not only become enamoured with the ‘furry’ thing, but change their opinions about hating gays.  Sort of a “…damn…if he’s gay…AND a furry…and I like him…I guess it’s not so bad.”

What is this leading to?  Nothing…it’s leading from!  This is a simple introduction to ‘who you’ve been reading.’  You get a lot more about how I think and what I like from the other blogs, but I thought as I change my header and thus remove the cartoon kangaroo from the blog, I should add some colour commentary about why it was there.

I’m Roo.  I’m a furry.  Now, we can get back to the random discussions about music, people, places, things, and pinkness.


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