Starting and Stopping

In 2004 I recorded and released an album under my initials, LHR, called ‘One Man Boy Band.‘ (link takes you to the free digital download page with the album, as do the rest of the links) It was a ridiculous pile of noise and silliness, and some people liked it.

The first album!

In 2005, I recorded and released an EP called ‘LHRACEP,’ so titled because I released it at Anthrocon (ie. AC) and only really sold it there.  The songs were more polished, people thought it was neat, I sold a decent amount of copies.

In 2006 I had 12 songs written, cover art by the talented artist Chris Goodwin, a room with a 16 Track digital recorder, new microphones, new guitar, and plenty of time on my hands.

Annnnnnd…I never recorded the songs. I recorded demos of some, but never actually made the album. It would be three years before I’d even try to record again, and I only managed to get one song out.

Step On My Head!

Why did I stop? Hell, why did I start? I wish I had gems and nuggets of wisdom but I don’t.  Sometimes projects just start up, fly high, and then…coast.

The question is, do I revisit the old songs I never recorded and finish that old project…or do something completely new?

Or is four years just too much time and should I start rethinking why I’m even trying this crazy music thing?

I’ll keep ya posted!


5 Responses to “Starting and Stopping”

  1. DralenDragonfox Says:

    I’d say you should revisit. See what those songs sound like now. Maybe you don’t like them as much any more, with your musical experience informed by the music you’ve been listening to since you first wrote them. Re-imagine them into something that excites you again. Or, if they still excite you, just commit them to tape, or USB key, or whatever you’re recording to 😉

    I wouldn’t say you should just discard them out of hand. Sometimes revisiting an old work can really perk you back up. Instead of listening to an old recording and facepalming saying, “Ugh! I would have done that -THIS- way if I were recording it now!” you can just go ahead and DO it.

    • Roo Says:

      Hmmms…an interesting idea. I might have to start doing that but I may get frustrated. It almost feels cheap to do four year old songs than to force myself to do something new. Maybe I can get it done as a quick exercise, get it online, and move on 😉

  2. MRW Says:

    I have a mapping project I started in 1986 and have never finished. I’ve worked on it off-and-on for years. It’ll probably never be finished. When I look at the old maps with a critical eye, I see 8th Grade line work and lame conformist attempts at originality. When I look at the old maps with an emotional eye, I see all the ideas that were in my head and what the landscape was like that I was recording, and I want to get back into that landscape, which is still as real in my mind as it was 25 years ago, if not more real.

    I say, re-visit those old songs. You may be able to re-invent them into something new… or at least harvest the seeds of ideas from them to grow new songs. What was going on in your emotional head when you wrote them back then?

  3. MRW Says:

    PS: Whomever did the album artwork for “Step on My Head” was a forkin’ genius.

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