...or the last remains of the nostalgic album

Last night I decided to stop my unending cycle of Vyto B and opted for a classic: Aimee Mann’s Bachelor No. 2.

I used to listen to this album a lot, especially when I lived in Guelph (on Edinburgh, Foxrun.) I would walk all the way to work, or downtown, or the University from my townhouse and listen to music, first on my ‘Shock-Proof’ CD player (…it did not play Mp3s…those were EXPENSIVE!), then on an MP3 player that could hold a massive 12 songs…so long as I cut down the quality to ‘crap’.

My albums were generally Aimee Mann, Sparklehorse, Sunny Day Real Estate, Lightning Seeds, and many others.

Listening to Bachelor No. 2 made me feel like I was walking those streets in Guelph again. Or going for a job through the woods near my house.  Or hangin’ with friends after performing a play in the Inner Stage at University of Guelph.


Roo acting heterosexual in the 90s

When that album ended, I played Lightning Seeds’ ‘Jollification.’  Suddenly I was driving back from St. Mary’s City in Maryland to visit a friend, my first real independent moment.  He had made a tape with that album on one side, and Sparklehorse’s ‘Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot‘ on the other.  Sparklehorse would become my favourite band.

If you’re someone who gobbles up new albums (or old albums that you’re hearing for the first time) and loves to get new music into your head…take the time to munch on one of them classic albums.  The kind that speaks to you specifically, is tied to a moment in your life.  Listen from start to finish, ESPECIALLY if you haven’t listened in like five years…or a decade.

Eat the child-faced strawberry music!

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