No Matches – The Glimpse Part 2

Part two in my series showcasing the music I listened to as a kid and through high school.  Some, like the first here, could almost be heard on the radio!  Some, like the last one…actually was…but shouldn’t have been!  Enjoy!

Jazz Butcher – Mr. Odd: I never owned this album.  But I was obsessed with this song.  When I was little I listened to the Jazz Butcher non-stop. I remember being in Grade 7 and being so excited that I bought my first Jazz Butcher tape – Big Planet Scarey Planet. There was a swear on it.  I turned the speakers down when it happened.

It’s funny looking back…I hadn’t yet realized that bands may not be around forever.  Of course, I was in Grade 7, I highly doubt I was going to head to Toronto to catch a Jazz Butcher show, but they were in the middle of their career when I grabbed that album.

Nomeansno – Now: I was worried about swears in Jazz Butcher…yet I also loved Nomeansno, especially this album 0+2=1, and most importantly, this song. This is probably one of their few radio friendly songs…if it had come out a couple of years later I have this weird feeling it might’ve done better. Nomeansno has this really neat rhythmic quality to their music, something I also love with the Wooden Stars and Gandharvas…where bass and guitar almost act like drums at times.

Max Webster – Toronto Tontos: Another fricken weird song, this one from Canadian rock icon Kim Mitchell’s first band.  I used to totally go crazy for this song…never listened to the rest of the album. “Free publicity’s not free when it’s public!”

No Cigarettes!

No Matches!

What the hell was wrong with me as a kid?! I’m digging out those tapes in the God Room downstairs and trying to find more gems.

Lemme know what you think of these blogs in all their insanity.  Also, I ramble on Twitter as well if you like little versions of this!



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