Monkey See…

I’ve noticed a strange event this morning that I thought I’d point out. You see, last week there was some online drama and adventure involving a person (I guess I should say ‘allegedly’ here) guilted home from an attempt at independence and then forced to remain home against their will. Some friends noticed the the person’s online accounts had been deleted, and upon calling to see if they were ok were told to leave their child alone.

After this, a daring rescue took place, taking the victim (who is an adult, just clearly with overbearing parents) to the city he had tried to move to…

…and it all unfolded on Twitter. In real time.

If it’s all as accurate as I’ve been told then it’s an interesting example of friends helping friends get a leg up, helping someone achieve a goal despite obstacles.

This morning, on the same media the drama unfolded, I’ve noticed two occurrences…more regular than I’ve seen before:

People announcing that their parents are demanding they leave their online friends for good…

…and people panicking because they haven’t heard from someone in 24 hours or more online…

The cynic in me wonders if it’s an attempt by some to draw on the ‘celebrity’ of others.

Instead of focusing on the (alleged) Moral of the story – friendship, community – the aftermath is “Maybe I can be involved in something like that myself!” Or at least, the attention it got…

Or maybe I’m wrong…maybe there is an epidemic of parents dragging kids away from their online friends.

…lock yourself to the computer, I guess? They’re after you!!!


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