I didn’t listen to any music today!

…that’s a lie, but it’s a little lie.  The kind of lie that doesn’t hurt anyone.  But it’s also true…a lying truth…the kind that is alright so long as it’s over something mediocre, like this.

Today was a creative day with the summer camp which required working both on ‘Really Boring Stuff’® and creative things, so having blaring music of the sort I’ve been listening to recently wouldn’t have helped the process.  Instead, we listened to atmospheric beatless trance…otherwise known as New Age.

New Age is tricky…it could be synth, or jazz, or orchestral symphonies…but somehow you know when you hear it…it’s New Age.

I’ve been a closet fan of New Age for awhile…but not the super popular stuff.  Yanni makes me yawn! (…hah …hah!)  I like the bargain bin stuff, like E. Starink’s Crystalline, apparently a Dutch release from 1981 but, to me, a $6 purchase from BiWay.

Good one, Roo...a blog about music, and you find a picture of a Canadian thrift store that's gone out of business...huzzah!

It was pretty neat…I honestly thought it was just a cheapo basement creation from the early 90s.  I was shocked (…today…while writing this blog) to find that it was actually from the age of Numan!  It’s cheese…but it’s mellow cheese.

I used to eat this shit up, my playlists not quite as quick and diverse as they can be today with an iPod, but I wouldn’t put it past my young self to listen to Crystalline between Nirvana and The Replacements.

I since grew to love an artist named Patrick O’Hearn, who’s music sounds like it was recorded in a cave, and incorporates a gentle beat that almost brings it up to the ‘trance’ world.  Here’s a sampling of my favourite track:

I’m a firm believer that every music collection needs a wide variety of moods and sounds.  Too many people are trapped in their ‘favourite genre,’ or worse, trapped in their high school days.  Active listeners are sexy.  Even if they’re listening to New Age music.


One Response to “I didn’t listen to any music today!”

  1. Rob Says:

    Hey Roo. Great post.
    I know what you mean about a comfort zone in music. I love rock/alt rock/classic rock…whatever.
    But my music collection also includes Classical, Country, Blue Grass, Rap, and a little Opera too.
    It never hurt anyone to broden their horizons.

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