Graduated Rock N Roll School!

Rock Enroll!

Although I finished nearly a year ago, I officially graduated ‘rock’ school yesterday evening.  It’s not rock school like ‘School of Rock.’  It’s more like…music…industry…business…


Sounds boring, but it was really amazing.  Everything from artist management to publishing to marketing to booking agency to graphic design to introductions to sound design and audio production and all over the place YOWZAH, how the HELL did I learn all that stuff a year ago?

It’s crazy to look back and think “I took 60 courses in 12 months” when now I’m surprised when I read one book in three!

What did I learn?  Everything I need to know about the music industry, which I can teach you right now.  Well, the principal at least: “Learn everything you can, because you never know when it’ll come in handy.”  It’s not about learning math to do maths, or geography to do geographies…it’s about learning about everything to prepare yourself for the unknown…or even for entrepreneurial opportunities.

I think this applies to everything…musicians should learn everything they can know about their instruments, about musical genres, and ESPECIALLY the business.  Not because they’ll use it, but because they might.

I probably won’t be doing graphic design for a living anytime soon…but if I suddenly need a half page ad whipped up for a project I’m working on, I can do it.  If I need to write a press release and can’t afford a publicist, I can do it.

Shakespeare (gah…I forgot…this stupid blogger-dude went to theatre school too!) once said “All the world’s a stage.”  I think all the world’s also a school…when you stop learning, you stop growing, and then you’re stuck wherever you are.  And no one wants that!


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