Music Monday: Broadcast

Broadcast is one of those odd bands I discovered by chance and am always excited to hear, but I haven’t sat down to listen to an album since their first release.  For all I know they’ve gotten amazing over the years, but I stuck myself at the beginning of the millenium…mainly because the album is a big ol’ pile of nostalgic memories.

The first time I heard Broadcast was in an HMV.  I wanted to browse and purchase CDs…yup, even as late as 2000 I still did that!  You could tell that it was a different time, because instead of blaring the latest U2 or ‘Band of the Day’ album the staff had chosen to put in an awesome yet unknown band.  I heard it, wandered the store as long as I could to give the album a good listen, then asked them for a copy.  I bought it…and played it non-stop for months.

Such strange synthetic throwbacks!  I feel like I’m go-go dancing, but to the mellow tones of ‘Nothing to Lose,’ sung by Claudiene Longet in Peter Seller’s The Party.  Hell, I feel like I’m at The Party…but it’s being thrown for Y2K.

The album reminds me of the awesome days, school was just over and I was free!  I spent part of the summer in Oklahoma, playing Crono Trigger and listening to this album for hours on end.  It’s weird wondering ‘whatever happened to those days’ AND ‘whatever happened to that band?’

I was reminded of Broadcast when one of their instrumentals appeared at the start of a recent This American Life episode.  My friend, Pouch (…yes…he thinks he’s a kangaroo too!) contacted me to let me know he’d heard it, and the funny thing was I was thinking of contacting him to say the same thing.

It doesn’t need to be a huge radio hit, or some popular band, or even the latest ‘underground sensation’ to be an important musical milestone in your life.  Sometimes it’s just the obscure album you heard in a store and just had to have.


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