Meet bELA!

bELA...she rocks!

At work I get to interact with lots of talented musicians…well, so I’ve been told.  I’m an intern, so what I  mostly do is some really cool and interesting work, but at arm’s length.  There’s really no need for me to be on the phone with management, or passing emails back and forth with artists.

Of course, there are exceptions.  I’ve had some Twitter dialogue with members of Tokyo Police Club, got a really cool thank you from Dinosaur Bones and I’ve chatted with managers here and there.  Oh, I also got to eat some of Tara Lyn Hart’s tasty Christmas cookies!

And then there’s bELA.  We had a phone call a few weeks back (she was originally driving on the streets of Lisbon…it was decided to wait until she wasn’t in harms way to continue the conversation.)  We’ve had countless emails back and forth.  In each she’s bubbly, thankful, friendly…fun!  All leading up to last week’s premiere of her new video, Do You Care?, on MuchMusic.

I’m in charge of spreading her video through the blogs…you know, to get her face and her music in front of people so that when she starts playing shows in Canada, and getting played on the radio…or gracing the covers of  magazines, or whatever else fame brings, it won’t be shocking.  She’s in rotation on MuchMoreMusic, she’ll be played on music-afficionado’s revered ‘The Wedge.’  And now she’s here, Under the Pink!

I asked bELA a few questions, fun stuff about music, and here are her answers!  Note: she’s got a fun way of writing: her answers are unedited and as she originally replied:

What is ‘your song.’?  That song that you hear and it makes you feel all warm inside, or nostalgic, or otherwise defines who you are and how you grew up?


Do you have any songwriting tips or tricks?  What is your process?

aLL the songs i wRite aRe chaPters to oNe huge bOok of life..lIfe experiences, hOpes, dreams,fEars. i dOn’t think things oUt too much and iT is not a process that can bE forced. When it cOmes, it cOmes anD i jUst have to maKe sure i am able to write it aLL ouT quick enOugh cause when tHe moment passes, it’s gOne..i have a rEal bad memory. Really bad. sO i have to constantly haVe the camcorder on as i dOodle on the piano cause something might just hiT me and if i try to rEcreate it later, it’s forgoTTen tHat kinda sucks.

Are there any new musicians or bands that you are a big fan of?

Amalia rOdrigues cauSe she gave a nEw meaning to Fado music. Soulfly cause they cOuld control any stadium. expLanation needed.

What is the funnest thing that’s ever happened while you were performing live?

i dOn’t normallY eat right before a show cause of this one experience wheRe i did and birPed throughouT the whole was in LA where the cRowds have seen it all..weLL they didn’t see that coming!

Thanks bELA! 🙂  Oh, and here’s her video!!  EDIT: You can vote for this video to be on MuchMusic’s #Trending this Friday at this link, AND you can vote for four other vids at the same time!  win-win-win-win-win:

Find bELA online:

Find bELA on Twitter @bELABand

Find bELA on Facebook


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