Tempted to go on a search…

Weird things have happened today.  While writing a blog for another site (…knock on wood…no jinxes…) I unearthed a memory of the PRECISE moment that I made the jump from seeing songwriting and live performance as something ‘they’ do to something ‘I’ do.  And, upon googling this momentous occasion, I initially found that it was ungooglable.  In other words: the milestone event that changed my entire perspective on music, according to the internet, never happened.

You see, it happened in 1993…the internet was still just something Hollywood hearthrobs used to download military secrets to build better women or launch missiles to Russia.  It also happened in Erin, Ontario.  And although the event eventually became more of a ‘touring showcase’ and found it’s way to the University of Guelph, it still was an Erin creation.  And you don’t hear much about those…this is what we do in Erin…listen to the announcer at the end, my non-Canadian friends.  That is what we all sound like.

I wrote and wrote, remembering the artists who performed at crazy independent event in my hometown…and decided to dig deeper.

I found some strange things…a link to a 1995 entry to a website about one of my favourite hometown bands (kinda sad, since it talked about them going to the studio…which I don’t think ever happened.)  I also found a MySpace account for a young musician and songwriter currently in Erin (…again, my hometown) named Kyle Collins.  If he ever Googles his name, I’m sure he’ll be surprised to find he was linked to this blog!  Not just linked…mentioned twice!  Read on!

And then I delved deeper…and I found it.  An account of the event!  I contacted the author of the article and found he has live recordings, poster art, and plenty more goodies from this momentous occasion in my life.

…sadly…I’m writing about all this in my other blog…so you may have to wait to hear the whole story when it’s published.

But one thing did come out of this…and that’s good ol’ Kyle Collins.  It’s been a long time since I went searching for music, and I mean REAL indie music.  I wouldn’t say Kyle’s singing or songs are radio-worthy, but I sat and listened to everything he’d written because ‘he’ took the time to sit down and write them.  It sounds like he put a lot into it, so in my opinion it was a good listen.

…I’ve done that too…I have sat down and written and recorded and put my music up on the internet.  And aside from friends or people I goad into checking it out, I doubt anyone’s stumbled across it and listened to a track.

So I think I’m going to make it a project to go out there and seek music.  If you’re reading this and have a band, link me!  If you have a friend who has a friend who has a band…link me!  Otherwise, I’m going to start scanning Bandcamp and MySpace and trying to find as much as I can absorb.  And I’ll try to bring the best to you here.


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