Awesome Album Cover Friday: Animals!

It’s no secret that I’m a furry.  If you don’t know what that is…or do and are confused why I would announce it publicly…fire me an email or something, I’m happy to explain.  As a furry…I think animals and cartoon animals are kick ass.  Sometimes my life as a furry and a musician cross paths, and not just when I discover another ‘furry musician’ or am on stage performing my music to others of my kind, but when album covers have animals on them!  So, today’s album cover theme is ANIMALS!

Another reminder, like last week: awesome is subjective, and my opinion can sway from ‘Awesome-Good’ to ‘Awesome-SoBadItsGood’ to ‘Awesome-WTF!?’ and beyond.  Comments and discussion is encouraged!


Awesome Doggy!

...for fox sake...genius




One of my favourite album titles of all times: Fangless Wolf Facing Winter...


And…because it just seems wrong to avoid the opportunity to be shameless…

There you have it!  Have a suggestion for next week’s theme?  Think I made a major mistake?  Let me know!


2 Responses to “Awesome Album Cover Friday: Animals!”

  1. whodat Says:

    two gooduns:

    Blackpaw Society:

    download the album…it’s all about the animals 😉

    also Phuzzbot & the Cavemen’s “the cats dance while the dogs play flamenco guitar”:

  2. whodat Says:

    oops that didn’t work…let’s try again…

    blackpaw society:

    phuzzbot & the cavemen:

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