Something New Sunday!

Find any kind of  music list from today, like Billboard or a local radio station you don’t normally listen to.

Find an artist or band and a song you don’t recognize.

Head to their website, or to YouTube, and search for the song. Give it a listen.

What did you find and what did you think?  I think this should be a Sunday tradition… I mean, what else are you going to do with your day!

I went all-out: going to an Alberta country station’s playlist and listening to the live stream of the next available song, which happened to be Ronnie Dunn’s Bleed Red: a pretty little song I wouldn’t have listened to otherwise…honestly, probably won’t seek out again, but I think  I’m better for checking it out!

Did you do this little experiment?  What did you find??!


One Response to “Something New Sunday!”

  1. Jay Says:

    This student run online station is pretty cool. Just started broadcasting recently. From Central high school in Stratford, Ontario-RamsRadio. Pretty cool what those kids can get up to in their spare time.

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