Not to discourage you…

It takes a LOT of work to achieve anything in any business.  I worked hard for several years before I can honestly say I mastered the espresso machine…I know, I’m pathetic.

I recognize that my lack of practice is ‘probably’ the reason I’m nowhere near the skill on my guitar as I feel I should be.  Probably…it might also be a curse, bad luck, or the will of the gods.  Part of that problem is that I picked up the bass so quickly, and before that, the piano.  In my brain-meats I can’t figure out why I’m not doing the same with the guitar, but it’s very different…the patterns are different…so I need more practise, more work.

And the work can’t stop.  If you get on a roll, you gotta roll with it.  Don’t sit back and enjoy the sudden success.  That’s my ‘other’ problem…I step back too often, observe how things are going, and slow down.  When things start picking up, run faster…sure, you might wipe out, but that’s better than going no further than you’ve already gotten.

Case in point: an artist I work with has achieved what many rockstars dream of.  Her song was accepted by our national music station and is in heavy rotation.  It has already charted overseas, reaching #3 on her national chart.  A new album is being mixed and mastered.  Some blogs have actually picked it up to do reviews on the song.  A popular television show uses the song as a ‘theme’ for two of the characters.

Despite all this, I have to send follow up after follow up email and phone call to small & medium websites just to get her video featured, if I get a reply at all.  So far there has been success, but only because I’m checking in every day to see if it has been added, if I have received a reply, if anyone is listening.

There is a great story behind the artist (a huge plus), there is already success overseas (bonus), and the major network is devoted to music is playing the song almost 20 times a week (fricken awesome).  Normally I would hear about these three things and think ‘GANGBUSTERS!’ (I would…I’d think that exact word…)

…but the ball is just rollling.  This isn’t the time to stop running on it, it’s time to start sprinting faster!

And that’s my advice for the week…run on balls even if you think it’s time to stop, ’cause that’s the only way to achieve success.


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