My Musical Week So Far – Happy Edition!

A quick recap of music I’ve been listening to this week.  I apologize…these entries are excessively happy:

HAPPY!  …too happy?

Almost too uplifting and happy, but it convinced me to check out the album.  It is as happy-feeling as this song.  I tweeted this morning that Jonsi makes me want to change the world and help babies cross the street.  I still do.

This song is so much fun for some reason…it brings me back to my ravey, dancey, clubby days even though it’s not really like any of the music they would play.  I love the fact that one line is ‘All my friends, in the loop.’  I like being in the loop!

Fun use of MGMT’s Kids and a throwback to an old school rap sound.  I want to like it but I think my hipster friends would beat me for doing so…so I’ll just have to carry a big stick I guess.

Watcha think of these songs?  Do you have any other happy happy songs you’re listening to these days?  Let me know in the comments! 😀

…yes…happy smiley is happy…


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