Tough Chicks

Tura Satana - The toughest chick...EVAR!

When I was in high school I had a thing for tough chicks.  It should be noted that the tough chicks I was into are all fictional, not traditionally beautiful, and pretty mannish: Ripley from Alien, Tank Girl, and Aeon Flux.  I mean…Aeon wore some skimpy outfits but…I didn’t pay attention to them.

…a guy in high school who is into fictional chicks who are like guys.  Yah…how the hell did I keep my dirty secret so long, I’ll never know.

One bonus to these interests was that I also liked tough chicks in music.  And I don’t mean tough chicks like Joan Jett, or Courtney Love, or anything like that.  Mine were tough in a different way…one weighed under 100 pounds but I was terrified to meet her in an alley.  Another was pretty girly but had dark undertones to her sweet music.  The third…nope, she was fuckin’ tough…claws and all.

PJ Harvey

Her wail sent chills down my spine.  The rawness of her music totally inspired me to be as raw as her even when I tried to make pretty songs.  Her face is so piercing.  I heard stories of her performing before Nine Inch Nails and seeming like a small child on stage in a cat suit, flailing about with a fresnel light.  She weighs 90 pounds soaking wet but would kick my ass…I know it.

Tori Amos

If you know anything about this girl you know that she has some sort of influence on me.  One is pretty obvious (look up!) but also she was a piano player back when that was my instrument, before I discovered the guitar and bass and everything else.  Also, she wrote harsh songs that were so pretty it was so easy to miss their meaning trapped in the melodies and instrumentation…but trust me…there is something dark brewing inside this preacher’s daughter.


Probably the toughest of the chicks…and not just because of this:

Think about it…she grew up in Iceland…ICELAND!  That isn’t the Midwest, the east coast, or the prairies…it’s fucking Iceland, colourless land of steamy earth and cold.  She also probably has a few screws loose, but those screws fell into the part of her brain that controls creativity and musicality.  Her sound is unique, and each album is unique as well.  She experiments with music and how it’s made.  Would you fight Bjork in any of these vids?

And my final proof…Bjork gettin’ pierced and sewed…say no more…


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6 Responses to “Tough Chicks”

  1. Red Says:

    I Like Chips!

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  3. Rob Says:

    Courtney Love may or may not be tough, but I’d sure stay the hell away from her!

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