Awesome Album Cover Friday – Space!

It’s time for another instalment of Awesome Album Cover Friday!  I was hoping to incorporate both meanings of ‘space’ into this theme – both outer, and ‘use of.’  In the end…all I discovered is that space is a goofy…goofy place…

...I'm beginning to think that 'Space' was a fad half a century ago!

One of my favourite album covers ever, by artist and cartoonist Seth...I used to serve him latte's...didn't realize it was him till years after I'd met him!

And this weeks “How does that go with that?” award goes to…

And there you have it!  If you have a suggestion, a comment, or anything there’s a fancy comments section below for you!  And if you’re into hearing more from me I have one of them Tweeterer accounts: @Potoroo where you can hear about music, my day, updates on when I stub my toe or write a song, who I think is cute…and on and on and on.  Wheee!


One Response to “Awesome Album Cover Friday – Space!”

  1. Rob Says:

    Too cool!
    I’m a big Rush fan, and they frequently sang about sci-fi-ish topics in the past. So, I assumed they may have had an album cover that had a space design. I racked my brain, and then even flipped through all my CDs, and, NO, none (maybe 2112), were very spacey.
    Great covers.
    Whats for next week? Im dying to find out.

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