The Snare Trap: Bieber is Bigger than Jesus!

Bieber bashing is the latest craze…if you could monetize it I’d bet it would make more money than the Hula Hoop!  Some people like belittling his hair or lesbian-like features…others prefer to target the fans who adore him.  Yah…good job big guys…attack the kid-singer and a bunch of 12 year old girls.

The newest source of ‘fun’ is his Rolling Stone interview.  You know…where the kid who sings songs about loving girls and is ushered from one place to another by an expert team of handlers, bodyguards, and consultants decided it was FINALLY time to let his hatred for all women be known to the world and announce that he thinks rape happens for a reason!  Everything does in fact!

Let’s infer from his statement that he also agrees with terrorism, eugenics, and corporate fraud!!  He did say everything!

Everyone…Bieber clearly did not sift through his thoughts and come up with ‘Rape Happens For A Reason.’  He’s a 16 year old kid.  He was answering a question about abortion and, upon saying that he doesn’t like the idea of killing babies, was broadsided with a question about victims of rape.

…wait a second…why the hell were they asking Bieber about abortion in the first place???

People are so caught up in his flub (or, maybe, Rolling Stone’s clever editing) that they aren’t questioning the reason for the flub in the first place.  Since when did we need to know a kid star’s opinions on the hard hitting political topics of the day?  No one is acknowledging his half-decent answer on the US health care system that was entirely based on his experiences and the experiences of his entourage.

Bieber got caught in the media snare, so desperate for something to talk about that they often have to lead celebrities to give themselves a scandal.  Why celebrities? Simple: if Jim, a mechanic at AAA Lubrication and Transmissions, said that ‘rape happens for a reason’ then he’d get a backhand and told he’s an asshole. He wouldn’t get the attention of the world.  If Bieber says it…the world knows!

The snare trap is annoying, but NOT as annoying as the people who feed off whoever is trapped there.

Honestly…The View?  I get it…it’s a women’s show for women and the comment is insulting…but are they so stupid there that they can’t see the big picture.  If I’m not mistaken, they’re all mothers…I’m not a mother, or a father, but I strongly believe it wasn’t Rolling Stone’s place to push a kid to talk about abortion and rape.

Another media snare is the ‘post-comment spin,’ you know…like this:

Being led into a trap, or accidentally wandering into it, doesn’t matter.  Rolling Stone has it’s story, people will buy magazines, and they have at least another year before drifting into obscurity.  They’ve also managed to feed the never-sated Bieber-hatred machine…how much you wanna be the next cover will either be a scantily-clad rock chick or some bad ass guitarist.  They have to balance the fact that they had the Biebs on their cover this month (…I don’t care what you think…I like what they did with his hair)

…and before you get all huffy and angry…I’m not comparing Bieber to John Lennon, nor am I saying Bieber shouldn’t have taken a second to think through what he was about to say…I said a LOT of stupid stuff when I was 16 and I didn’t have cameras on me 24/7.

Please…PLEASE…consider the motivations of a person before using their words to vilify another.  A magazine needs to sell advertising space and therefore needs to sell issues.  A journalist needs to get a big story so they can justify their next pay raise.  A kid singer is excited to have an interview with a major music magazine (and cover as well!) and probably thinks he’ll be talking about girls and music.  A women’s show needs to (rightly) defend women if they feel they are being attacked.

In the end…this is about free advertising from a scandal and advertising dollars from magazine sales.  And all you need is the most popular kid in the world to fall into your trap.


2 Responses to “The Snare Trap: Bieber is Bigger than Jesus!”

  1. Jay Says:

    First off, great post.

    When you have a manufactured singer like Bieber, whose image is so carefully crafted and their every appearance part of a marketing strategy, the first time you let them out of the bubble to answer as themselves the results can be, as they say now, ‘Bieber-esque’.

    Bieber’s Christian upbringing may be the reason why so many mothers have fallen in love with him and see him as a role model for their kids, but as this interview demonstrates that upbringing is a doorway to controversy when you start to poke around a little. It’s an interesting argument whether or not the interviewer should have even asked Bieber the questions she did. I would not be surprised to find out Bieber’s team saw this as an opportunity to prove Justin is a legitimate artist who deserves to be taken seriously, so they encouraged slightly more ‘adult’ appropriate questions. I think fingers could be pointed at a few culprits over the end result of this interview, but Justin, who is still a minor and 2 years away from graduating high school should get a mulligan on this one.

    I do know this-if someone asked me questions like that as a 16 year old most of my answers would reference Donkey Kong high scores and why it would be cool if Tom Selleck were president. The point being-who cares???

    I’m not a fan of Bieber, but as your post makes all too clear, he got snared-big time. I’m actually a little disappointed in Rolling Stone for blatantly trying to manipulate and capitalize on what essentially boils down to one sentence spoken by a kid who has to use zit cream and has a curfew.

  2. Rob Says:

    Great post Roo
    Im with you and Jay here. I am not a Bieber fan either, but it really seems like Rolling Stone baited him, and sadly, they hooked him too (even if only just a little).
    Why would his stance on US health care, rape, and abortion be a topic that anyone would want to read and/or even know about.
    I sorta feel bad for the kid. He got screwed here, and not be Selina Gomez….BUZINGA!
    Its sad I know who he is dating.

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