Sunday Sunday Sunday! + ‘The Overgrown Spatulas’

Something new Sunday is still encouraged!  It’s kinda late to ‘go out’ and hit a record store, used CD store, or a local new CD store (…in Canada we have HMV…in the US I guess you go to Barnes and Noble or something??) and check a listening station or two out, but you can still do online discoveries!

Last week I suggested you browse to a radio station and ‘Listen Live,’ even try a genre you don’t normally listen to.  Why not head to BandCamp and browse, or even MySpace! Give a few random indie artists or new bands a listen.  Even if you hate it, why not give an entire song a try instead of skipping!  Expand yer brain!

I’m gonna do music skimming tonight.  My ‘Something New’ trip today was to a gastropub…it’s like eating at a pub but the food is more expensive and fancy!  Aside from the overly-hipster atmosphere I was pretty damned pleased with my high class breakfast burrito, though I most enjoyed munching on my bestie’s Mac and Cheese with truffles and fancy aged cheeses!

But this ain’t a food blog (…I may occasionally break into a food or booze review…it’s all to help you live a better life!) so get out there, discover!

If you’re desperate for something offbeat, I’ll direct you to my first high school band: The Overgrown Spatulas.  It’s…pretty weird shit (I was 16 or so when we formed) that tried to blend catchy tunes and general strangeness.  With nods to Hayden, Nirvana, and the Smiths…as well as a general love of cheesy tunes and misplaced ‘fake anger’ (me and co-songwriter, Ryan, weren’t angsty teens but our friends were so it was kidna fun to pretend to be).  Each song was lovingly recorded in Ryan’s basement on a Fostex 4 Track recorder.  If you can’t find anything else…give it a shot!

…and don’t judge me.  Please.


3 Responses to “Sunday Sunday Sunday! + ‘The Overgrown Spatulas’”

  1. Jay Says:

    I have to put my vote in for Ice Cream and Toast, although it sounds like someone was listening to a little Barenaked Ladies beforehand… : )

    • Roo Says:

      Thanks Jay! We were actually pretty fond of that song as well back in the day despite it being…ridiculous 😉 I think by that point, like most Canadians, we’d absorbed a lot of Barenaked Ladies and were just generally BNL’d 😉

  2. Kodeeq Tekatokikutav Says:

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