Podcast of the Week(?): The End Of Music?

Heya everyone!  Roo here.  Talking like I’m on a podcast, and with good cause…because I listen to a lot of them and, although I’d love to do one myself, I’m currently leaving it to the experts.  You may have noticed the question mark in my title.  It’s because I’m acting like I’ve had this ‘Podcast of the Week’ thing for awhile, or will keep it going, but I have no clue if I’ll even remember it next week.  It just makes a fancy title.  So I used it.

RadioLab is a genius show produced out of New York City that blends art and science, tackling amazing subjects in a similar way to ‘This American Life’ but with a scientific twist.  Hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich are very entertaining and likeable, and the way shows are edited almost like rhythmic music makes it incredibly listenable.

The podcast I suggest you listen to is called Pop Music, specifically for the last story about ‘The Elvis of Afghanistan.’  It’s a bit of a cautionary tale…which tells us that even when you think things are good, and that nothing can change…it can.  Give it a listen!  You can stream from the site:

RadioLab – Pop Music

Or, if you like podcasts like me, why not subscribe!


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