Awesome Album Cover…Saturday: Red

…Saturday…not Friday!  Blame Narnia, Cracked Canoe, and my awesome roomie and his bf.  Today’s theme, RED!  GO RED!!!


Obviously the Stripes are here...this is my fave!

And…the best red-themed album cover…ever…in history…

Hope you enjoyed!  I promise to be more on the ball next week!  Lots happened, and lots more is expected to in the coming month!  Expect updates on an amazing artist doing what she can to get big here in the city, me getting back together to write songs and perform with my high-school band mate, a pop star exploding on the scene (…or not…it’s literally just getting started right now!), how I think Drum and Bass and New Age are similar, causality, the internet, authorship, and much much more!



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