Saturday Ramble: Sometimes I surprise myself!

For once, I’m being nice and warning you that this is a rambling entry…I think it has merit…but be forewarned…we’re bouncing from one subject to the next, or ‘Pyhrraing’ as some of my friends could potentially say.  Enjoy…or don’t…it’s free regardless!

I said this to someone in chat today. They were talking about how they don’t really ‘enjoy’ most music.  I replied:

*nodnods* Where everything I hear I enjoy, even if it’s bad, cause it’s a new way to experience music.  ‘someone’ sat down and put effort into putting those notes together, and at some point (maybe not when it was finished) someone was proud of what they’d done…I think that’s pretty cool.

Waitasec…HUH?!  That’s how my brain works?!  Crap!  That explains a lot.  For instance, it explains why I love this:

Before you throw rotted veggies at me…listen to The Shaggs.  They ‘knew’ what they were doing!  They didn’t hear what we heard – dissonance and broken rhythm.  Or is it that we aren’t hearing it correctly?

When I first listened to it, my thought was “That drummer is a trooper!  She just goes on and on to whatever beat she wants.”  But have you noticed she hits EVERY transition?  Listen from 0:35…when they say ‘In This World’ she’s DEAD on.  I’ve heard told that when they played live…it sounded just like this recording.  Every time.  They KNEW what they were doing!  And they were passionate about it.  We just didn’t appreciate it because…it’s not what we wanted to hear!

Ladies…meet the very first chick band.  Literally: all the girls wrote the songs, played the instruments.  And I think they deserve more credit than they got!

But let’s move on…this is a ramble after all…

Another thing on my mind is genre.  Here’s an experiment: go to and find a band.  Look at the bands they sound like – sometimes it works, sometimes it’s WAY off! – and also their genre.  Now…go to wiki and look up the article on that genre.  My opinion on wiki and all things collaborative has been changing recently, but for now…let’s assume I don’t think it’s destroying the world.

In that genre article you may find bands you’ve never heard of…click ’em, check out their MySpace…they might even have bands they link to themselves.

This particular trick brought me to New Young Pony Club, a band I’d never heard of but am now an instant fan of!

Also along my trip I bumped into Hadouken! (all this from looking for bands like Art vs Science!):

I never resolved my original problem: a song to play ‘after’ I play Art vs Science Magic Fountain, but at least I found good music!  And also learned that I can occasionally be profound!

…here’s the song…if you can think of a good follow up for a dance DJ set lemme know…I’ll give you super props if it works!


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