The Week That Wasn’t

Me, this coming Sunday

This week has been a blur!  I should’ve listened to Charlie Sheen…no, really!  I should’ve #PlannedBetter.

Maybe it’s the weather (cold, dreary, rainy and snowy and grey), or maybe I’m just not getting enough sleep, but I had a list of 20 things to do on Monday, and after a day off I now have a list of…maybe…18?


On one hand, I think it’s a good thing to keep busy.  I went through a really really slow time just before this past two weeks and I’m glad I found myself with stuff to do.

On the other hand…after a dry spell, it’s sometimes easy to forget the fundamentals.

So…if you’re about to dive headfirst into a project of ANY kind, might I suggest that you take a moment to think back to a time when you may have previously done something similar.  What did you do, and almost more important, WHEN did you do it?  A week prior?  A day?  In the car, while driving to some sort of deadline? (did this once…scissors, paper, driving…not fun!)

Don’t wind up like me…scheduling things ON other things!

Hopefully that explains the blog’s downtime!  I’ll have the Album Cover Friday tomorrow, then…likely be down for the weekend, and back next week!


One Response to “The Week That Wasn’t”

  1. Rob Says:

    I hear ya!
    Everyone in my house has been sick this week, and sometimes it’s just hard to keep up.
    Good on ya for making it to Friday!
    Can’t wait for album covers tomorrow…any hints?


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