Awesome Album Cover Friday: GAY!

First off…don’t get all offended. Here is a picture of me:

The Man Behind the Blog...please don't stop reading!

So…yah…I’m allowed.

The requirements were simply: did I think it looked gay…or did ‘Gay’ as a search term bring it up. Obviously I know Hall and Oates aren’t gay…nor are many of the people here, but…clearly you’ll see why they were selected. Enjoy! As always, comments are adored!

Actually gay! And a rapper! Probably where the bloody lip came from.


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One Response to “Awesome Album Cover Friday: GAY!”

  1. cartographer1973 Says:

    That album cover of Cazwell reminded me of Johnny X, a gay producer, DJ, and pop singer from Australia (his real fame is that he’s done the behind-the-scenes stuff or many super famous people).

    I can’t remember now why I got an album of his on iTunes, but it was pretty good!

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