Anthropomorphic Geekery vs. Independent Wankery

I’m back!  I’ve been out for awhile as a result of a chaotic weekend following a chaotic week.  I’ve hardly slept but I’m awake!  That’s good, right?

The reason for my absence was my involvement in a weekend of…anthropomorphic tomfoolery.  Quick definition: I went to a furry convention.  I hung out with people that have funny nicknames, often wear tails, and affectionately pet each other’s heads instead of shaking hands. It was most definitely my FIRST…I truly and assuredly have not attended so many that I was asked to run a panel on running furry events, nor was I asked to run a panel about ‘Your First Convention’ and how to enjoy it to the fullest.

…that was someone else with my name and mohawk.

I ‘also’ attended The Indies, the annual independent music awards of Canada.  In that case I watched live acts, stood in the crowd, cheered on some artists I’ve worked with, and had an opportunity to schmooze.

I drove from the north end to downtown and back in the same night…and the experiences, seemingly diverse, were actually fascinating to compare:

CLOTHING:  At the Indies, people were dressed up (in the ‘fancy, huh’ sense) but I felt though shouldn’t be.  It’s an award show for artists who don’t have much money and may never afford nice clothes…some of those dresses and shoes could’ve bought a new guitar or funded a few stops on a tour!  By comparison, the furry convention had many people I thought ‘should’ have dressed up more.  I’m a jeans and t-shirt man, I LOVE simplicity, but even simple clothes can be cool or classy.  Mustard stains to do not beget a good first impression.  I wish both events had found a happy medium instead of living in the extremes.

LOCATION: Both events were at hotels.  The Indies should’ve have been at a venue  like a club or something…less…hoity toity.  Rather than the Fairmont Royal York that is, a hotel for royalty and dignitaries, not starving artists.  I believe it was $12 for half a pint of Molson Canadian.  My friend bought my drinks.  I can’t afford them.

The Furry Convention was at the Doubletree near the airport.  Location was great, size was perfect, room had big beds, elevators worked.

THE PEOPLE: I’m a big supporter of the music industry…but I really dislike hipsters.  There were far too many of them at the Indies.  OK…let me get this straight…you wanted to be there so you could say you were there but while you’re there you look bored and disappointed?  I was excited!  Hannah Georgas, Hollerado, Shad…they rocked!

Oh…and there were lots of costumes.

Coordinated! Down to the same Chuck Taylor's! Also...pamphlets in back pocket!

The furries…were less freaky!  Don’t get me wrong…one fellow looked like a hobo who hadn’t washed his hair in months, one wore the same clothes for three days straight, and some of the costumes were pretty out there…but they were a fun loving bunch.  Hipsters aren’t fun loving.  Even if Mumford showed up unexpectedly and offered a sneak peak at their new album they would be unimpressed.  Furries…pull out some tinfoil and you have a party!

There was a man in a white rubber suit wearing a gas mask walking around…oh, I’m talking about the Indies.  I take cuddly fuzz over unknown creepy dude any day*

But where is all this going?

I travelled from the north end of town to DOWNdowntown, from a world of geekery to a world of wankery (…well, wankery but also some pretty damned good music) and discovered that the only real difference is attitude.  People with attitude at a furry con stand out, are looked at with squinty, judgey eyes.  People without attitude at fancy hotels for award shows are given the same treatment.

But what’s really different?  Everyone dresses funny, there are some folks more famous than others, and it’s far better to sneak your drinks in than buy them…not that I snuck drinks in.

It all comes down to whether or not you’re fun to be around and having fun yourself.  I suppose it ‘can’ be fun being all…important and stuff.  But even if you are there’s no reason to be a douche.  I think next time…I’ll skip the independent wanking and chill with the geeks instead.

I apologize that I don’t have photos from the convention!  If I find some I’ll append this blog and include ’em!

* Yes…I know…some of you probably enjoy the rubber suit/gas mask thing.  I’m not knocking ya!  Nor do I believe everyone in a fuzzy suit is uncreepy…I’ve seen many a scary person with the body of a wolf and the head of a…unwashed scary man!


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One Response to “Anthropomorphic Geekery vs. Independent Wankery”

  1. Jay Says:

    Wankery…Best. Word. Ever.

    Maybe the Indies were held at the Royal York since most of the bands being honoured still have at least one member of the group still working there as a bellhop.

    Interesting compare and contrast post, Roo. Loved it!

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