The Group Has Voted…and it’s Friday!

May every day be Friday!!

How is it that I’m always ahead of the game, in obscure and often shitty ways…a weird hindsight psychic thing that is probably more over analysis than intelligent accuracy.  Whether abstract or conceptual, I always seem to be able to look back on a previous thought after a catalyst and think “What does it all mean?”

Take my previous article which included a reference and video by the Shaggs.

Now take this article from Mashable about Rebecca Black and her current celebrity.

I’ll say this once…I love ‘Friday.’  I love it.  With all my heart.  For the same reason I love the Shaggs, why I love Syd Barrett’s mad ramblings…and probably why I love Bieber.  It’s an ironic love but it’s no different than my love of Aimee Mann or Mark Linkous, both of which have the additional ‘respect,’ ‘inspiration’ and ‘admiration’ element…the love is the same though.

I see a pattern to 2011, building on 2010 and before that from the start of the explosion of social media, and it has a LOT to do with the interests of the ‘group’ (the noosphere)* In the past, music was selected by DJs, or suggested in Rolling Stone articles, or by network television.  Someone said “Let’s make this person a star!” and the publicity and marketing machine started up. Sure…teenagers and fans had a lot to do with a song’s popularity…but fans are not the reason the song was heard in the first place: you can’t be a fan until you hear the band.

Now, whether for good or bad, the group selects our celebrities and stars.  We click like, we watch the video, we write a comment…hell, just viewing the page is often enough to count as a checkmark towards someone’s celebrity.

Why is Rebecca Black so popular right now?  Because we’re watching her.  Why is Charlie Sheen doing so well despite leaving (…forcibly…) network television?  Why did Conan O’Brien get so much support?  Remember Chris Crocker?  We all watched…even if we didn’t want to.

They use the term viral but it also has a ‘peer pressury’ feel.  It goes viral, and then we seek the virus.

I see this being the identifying trait of the decade, or at least the start of the decade.  The group will make the decisions, and the media will scramble to catch up. Want to know the next wave in music?  Ask the group! (They’re probably on Formspring)

The only downside: the group likes it’s content for free.  So…eventually we may only be able to watch amateur nutshot videos and Rebecca Blacks…why would anyone seek a career in music if you can’t even afford new guitar strings?


* I’m not a huge fan of the noosphere. Sure, it means a bunch of people can ‘join brains’ to work on a project…but it also generally means a bunch of anonymous people can band together to attack someone on YouTube or any other site.  Most people dislike ‘design by committee’ and that’s how I perceive the idea of letting ‘the group’ make our decisions…just a thought.


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