Awesome Album Cover Friday: the 1950s!

Here we are, it’s Friday!  I’ve gone out and spent some time…let’s say, 17 hours…to find album covers that are kind of interesting.

…actually, let’s be honest…I took about thirty minutes…though in the past it’s been MUCH longer than that!  Today is just a lazy kind of day.

I chose a decade, the 1950s, simply because it’s when the whole music industry ‘truly’ boomed.  It’s when pharmacies and furniture stores started selling these odd black disks…naturally, they were selling the players that played them!  Eventually records would get their own stores, and teenagers would buy more of them after transistor radios started appearing in cars.

Are things better now? I can identify a song with my phone after hearing it in a crowded mall (ShaZAM!) buy it on my phone immediately and listen to it on the spot. But I miss the days where I’d go to a record shop, flip through albums, and buy something because it looked awesome.

Caveat: some of these ‘may not’ be from the 50s but have 50s style art (one, I believe, was released in 2000, but is based on a recording from the 1950s)  Once I get my intern to do fact-checking I’ll promise more accuracy!! BIG SMILE!

Also, WARNING: There are some ‘racy’ (I think they said that in the ’50s) covers ahead.  As Peter Griffin would say…you might catch some side-boob.  They were into that sixty years ago, apparently!

Beatniks are like hipsters, only productive...that's my definition, at least.

"I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face"??? Really? Isn't that kinda horrible? And look at THAT face!!

SIDEBOOB! What does the album title mean?!

Goofy barbershop quartets ALWAYS got the ladies!

They're having so much non-descript fun! I LOVE IT!

What, Lefty? What do they do?


That’s it for today!  If anything musical happens this weekend I’ll keep you posted…and let me know what you think or what you’d like to see for Album Cover Friday next week…or something to chat about!  I like your ideas!

And if you can’t get enough of me here, get a lot more of me on Twitter @Potoroo! CYA!


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2 Responses to “Awesome Album Cover Friday: the 1950s!”

  1. Fuzzy! Says:

    Jeebus! That is a scary rabbit! >:)

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