It’s Springy, as is my music!

Music has seasons.  A song came in yesterday at work that was VERY much a summer song, and my first thought upon hearing it was “Summer anthem.”  In my brain, it’s almost spring so I figured the artist was a little early trying to release it.  Of course, to radio stations, it’s pretty much summer…the amount of time it’ll take for this song to build up to public consciousness means summer will be here when it’s a hit.

So…this summer song has had positive reviews in all the major cities.  I don’t vouch for the song as a piece of great songwriting…I vouch for it as a piece of great season-association.

In school, one of the great stories we heard was about the band Honeymoon Suite and how a re-write might have helped break the band.  You see, the album was set to be released in the summer, but one of their songs was very much a winter song (lyrics about snow and cold and all that stuff.)  It was suggested that they alter the song and make it suitable to a summer release…which they did…

Music moves with the seasons.  It’s subjective ‘and’ objective, in that some songs just scream ‘SPRING’ or ‘FALL’ or (very commonly) ‘SUMMER.’  If that song had remained cold…they wouldn’t have had such a hit!

Subjectively, songs are bound to you by the season for one reason or another.  For instance, this song means the end of winter, and the start of spring for me:

This is because I was heavy into Sunny Day Real Estate, and this song, around the melting time in Guelph early 2003.  I would go for long walks with my mp3 player…which could hold about 6 or 7 songs…and hear this song over and over and over.

For road trips, I always think of Sparklehorse and the Lightning Seeds…because I had a tape with ‘Vivadixie…’ on one side, and ‘Jollification’ on the other…and a road trip back from St. Mary’s City, MD in 1997 had me listening to those albums about 8 times each.

This morning…I turned to Aimee Mann, who has always been a year-round thing for me but most certainly springy, especially this song:

During a rainy spring I used to go running in Guelph while trying to quit smoking and simultaneously lose weight.  Sidenote: I quit smoking in 2010 (7 years later) and am quite fit but in all those years have never managed to reach that ‘goal’ I set for myself a decade ago.

Soooooo much is tied to music, and seasons, and memories.  It’s not just the songs on the radio and what the ‘machine’ has decided we’ll like year after year, but that album you put on to listen to during a hot thunderstorm one summer when you were 19, or the song playing over the speakers at a bar the first time you took a drink.

Think about it!  What songs are ‘your’ spring songs right now?  Comment, let me know, I’m curious!


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One Response to “It’s Springy, as is my music!”

  1. Rob Says:

    I don’t know about a spring song, but the Don Henley tune, The Boys of Summer, always reminds me of fall.
    I don’t know why?

    Great artists on this list, Roo! Made me listen to some old Sunny Day…

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