JUNO WEEK! Part 1 – The Reckoning

This week is Juno week, which for you ‘mericans is like Grammy week only with craploads more maple syrup, far more unknown and talented bands up for awards, and our eh’s are at the end of the sentence…

…like…we say “How’s it goin, eh?” but an American of certain persuasion would be more likely to say “Eh! How’s it goin?”  Hah hah?  …hah?

Sure…the Biebs, Drake and Arcade Fire are up for Album of the Year…but so is Johnny Reid (who?) and Hedley (them??)

One of my new favourite artists, Hannah Georgas, is up for best new artist, and a band that recently grew on me, Hollerado, is up for best new group (alongside local darlings (?!) Die Mannequin)

…did I just double bracket?  Is that allowed??

Polaris artists are up for Alternative Album of the year!  Could you imagine if…like…an obscure alternative band from the US was nominated for a Grammy!?  That’d be…cra…zy…

…I can’t think of any non-mainstream bands from the US!  Everything that comes to mind is Canadian…and Australian and British…but mostly Canadian.

Could it be?  Could it actually be that living in Canada it’s becoming more common that the populace not only recognizes but celebrates our own artists?  Even those with no radio play?

Or am I just an active listener and pay more attention?

I guess it’s like any business…you think yours is most important and wonder why people don’t know about the ‘major shifts’ effecting you.  I’m just fooled by the fact that music is everywhere – in my car on the radio, at the grocery store, in every movie and tv show, even in the book stores – and assume everyone else notices.

I will try to keep my eye open this week and ‘notice’ what I can about music…I mean…it’s Juno week, right??  And maybe I’m just noticing more, so I should…pass that on?  Right?  It ‘is’ Juno week…

…or am I the only one who noticed that too?? *blink*


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