Who the hell is…??? – Juno Edition!

On February 13th this year, the internet was abuzz late in the night with question marks, all caps, and confusion.  I mean…a completely unknown band…one that no one had ever heard of EVER just won the big one!  It was as if the entire music-loving community had been shot in the face.  A Tumblr account was created to document the travesty.

Now, to be fair, I totally get where these people were coming from when Arcade Fire (…you know…that completely unknown and unheard of band) won the Grammy for Album of the Year.  I do!  From a music lover’s perspective, Arcade Fire is a band you ‘seek’ and ‘discover,’ not one you hear much on radio or see much in the pop culture-verse.  I was turned on to them just after their second album Funeral was released…but had never heard of them before then.

From a different perspective, a friend recently (very) nearly spat his drink out when I had never heard of something called ‘Dragon Age 2.’  Apparently a video game…are they even called video games anymore?  When Halo 3 came out a roomie of mine became very excited…I then learned what Halo was, also that a t-shirt and hat that he wore (that I thought was actually some sort of military design thing) was based on the game.

It is fricken rude to treat someone like they’re stupid for not knowing the obscure band…or obscure video game…that you have known about for years.  My friends don’t do that to me with video games (apart from a shocked face and initial high pitch ‘YOU DON’T KNOW xxxxx???’)  It’s also rude not to share with people who may be interested in your knowledge.

As such…I have pulled some YouTube videos of awesome songs by awesome artists nominated for this year’s Juno Awards that you may not have heard of.  I’m not gonna write bios and crap, though I will include at least one of the awards they are nominated for in the flavour text.  Let’s get started:

Hannah Georgas: New Artist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year (also playing tonight in Metro Square, Toronto, with City and Colour, for free):

Karkwa: Francophone Album of the Year, Alternative Album of the Year (don’t worry about knowing french, the songs rock anyways…won the 2010 Polaris Prize):

Royal Wood: Songwriter of the Year (Peterborough boy!  Definitely deserves this nod, hopefully will give him the boost he deserves)

Caribou: New Artist of the Year, Electronic Album of the Year (…some may find it weird I have Caribou here for two reasons – 2010 was a huge year for him, plus he’s been making albums for a decade…please, keep that in mind, and look at what he is nominated for…yup…New Artist of the Year…you so funny, Junos!)

Anyone I’m missing here?  Someone you see in the Juno List that you don’t recognize?  YouTube ’em, or check their MySpace page!  This is most definitely the week to discover some new artists!!



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One Response to “Who the hell is…??? – Juno Edition!”

  1. Rob Says:

    I bought Karkwa after they won the Polaris, and with my very very VERY limited knowledge of french, I still really enjoyed the album.

    And I am really confused by the Caribou nomination for best new artist. The Junos do some strange things…

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