Awesome Album Cover Friday: METAL!!

Throw up the horns!  It’s Metal Friday!

Please…no arguments on whether something I’ve chosen is metal or not…it’s not Bieber, and it’s not Diddy, so it’s metal enough 😉  Enjoy! And be warned…there is a bit more blood than usual this week!

My favourite! The band rocked live too!

This one is pretty...simple but...oddly metal!


Sometimes ‘Metal’ can be really really pretty! really pretty!

...and sometimes...

For my heterosexual readers...this is hot, right? I got it's sexy, right?

Damn right!



For my gay readers...this is hot, right? I got it's sexy, right?

Very...VERY awesome!

For those who are curious...I consider the Alien from the film 'Alien' to be very hot...Eddie is also pretty hot, especially in this cover! Please...don't judge me...


And finally, the album cover I consider the most metal, the one I associate with metal and have done so since I was a baby-child…

…to this day…I never noticed that he had some 1.5″ Fan Club pins on his jacket…


Anywhoo, I hope you enjoyed this week…it’s not quite over: expect a lot of Juno talk this weekend as I’ll be in attendance at both the Juno Awards and an after party and will likely be live-tweeting!  Follow me @Potoroo if you’d like to follow along!

Also, for the inspiration for this head over to Final Girl and check out her Awesome Movie Poster Friday collection, and her awesome blog, dedicated to all things horror!


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One Response to “Awesome Album Cover Friday: METAL!!”

  1. Rob Says:

    That Steel Panther cover may be the greatest album cover of all time.

    Great finds, once again.

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