Roo’s Juno Picks!

See...she's furry! Go Hannah Georgas! 😀

Booyah!  First off, I’m not one of them critics who does crazy shit for their ‘Award Picks’ articles.  I’m going by gut, by what I want, and maybe mentioning who I think will win.

Secondly…I’m only gonna pick from categories I feel I have some kind of knowledge for…I won’t be guessing who should win Contemporary Christian or Classical Album of the Year…’cause I don’t know!

Thirdly…to see how well I did, or didn’t do, follow me on Twitter @Potoroo tonight as I will be at the Junos and live-tweeting the results…unless of course the show is so spectacular I can’t take my eyes off it!

Quick note…some awards have already been handed out, as follows:

Karkwa – Francophone Album of the Year (sweet)

Arcade Fire – Alternative Album of the Year (…oh, really?)

Deadmau5 – Dance Recording of the Year (Unexpected!)

Neil Young – Adult Alternative Album of the Year (Quelle Surprise!)

Said the Whale as New Group of the Year (…erm…actually, surprise!)

Shad – Rap Album of the Year (Thank GOD!)

Now…the ones that apparently matter for broadcast!:

Juno Fan Choice Award:

Tough since it’s Fan Choice!  But I can tell you, Bieber and Hedley have CRAZY fans so I’d say they’re neck and neck, but I think Hedley fans are more organized.  I would actually predict HEDLEY will win this one…but there’s organization and then there’s brute force.  Bieber may pull it off.

Single of the Year:

Young Artists for Haiti will win…hands down.  It should be noted that Drake and Hedley are both essentially nominated twice here thanks to that charity single.  I can’t see kd lang or Classified doing too well, sadly.

Album of the Year:

Between the Biebs and Arcade Fire…unless they skew results to suit the Grammy’s, I actually predict Justin Bieber will win this one.  He sold a crapload of CDs, probably more than the other four combined…oh wait, Drake is there…let’s just say Drake and the Biebs sold a lot of CDs but Biebs sold more.  The question is: will they go by sales and popularity or artistic skill?  I guess we’ll see tonight!

Artist of the Year:

Although giving it to Drake would be semi-logical (the man ‘did’ take the urban world by storm, and has a jet plane named after him), and passing it to Biebs will get the most screams (he ’caused teenage riots in Australia!!), I actually expect it to go to Neil Young.  If Leonard Cohen can win Best Male Vocalist in a year where his competitors have beautiful voices, Neil Young can win Artist of the Year decades into his career.

Group of the Year:

Arcade Fire. Love BSS…but Arcade Fire has to win this one.

New Artist of the Year:

Desperately want Hannah Georgas to win, but expect Caribou will.  Maybe they’ll save Hannah for songwriter…oh shit…she’s against Neil there…

Songwriter of the Year:

Went to Dallas last year, I honestly expect Hannah or Royal Wood to win…I’m putting my hopes and dreams behind Hannah Georgas.

Pop Album of the Year:

Biebs…what?! It’s a good album, I listen to it, it’s poppy, so this category was made for it.  You think Sarah McLachlan’s gonna win?  I didn’t even know she had an album out!!

That’s it for me!  I’ll tweet-y-tweet tonight and keep folks up to date if anything happens…like Drake falls off the stage, or as predicted earlier by me and a friend on Twitter, Sarah and Alanis announce that Sarah Harmer is their love child.



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